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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
Pohler is a yellowish liquid with a characteristic chlorine odor and flavor, mixes well with water in all proportions. This concentrated characture tool, multicomponent preparation for disinfection and sanitization containing washing component, a flavoring agent, a corrosion inhibitor and stabilizer content of active chlorine.
Active substance: sodium hypochlorite (initial concentration of active chlorine 7-9%).
Pohler is used for disinfection of surfaces in premises, sanitary-technical equipment, utensils, linens, medical products, subjects of care of patients with bacterial infections (including tuberculosis), fungal and viral (including hepatitis and AIDS) infectious etiology in the centers, medical institutions, laboratories and donor centers, offices of blood transfusion, for preventive, current and final disinfection in pharmacies, and children's educational institutions, apartments, rail and public transport, hotels, hostels, holiday homes and boarding houses, the enterprises of trade and public catering, baths, hair salons, swimming pools, public toilets, sports competitions, etc.
Listed scope allows us to include Niklor among universal disinfectant.