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anionite AB 17 In

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Ashurov Sanya
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
The anion exchanger is a small granules (about 1 mm in diameter) from light yellow to dark yellow. This monofunctional ion-exchange resin with gel and macroporous structure, high polymer substance. The anion exchange resin is a copolymer of divinylbenzene and styrene, capable in water and aqueous solutions react exchange anion exchangers. Contains one kind of ionic groups benzyltrimethylammonium.
The degree of dissociation of the anion exchangers are divided into strongly electrolyte and clubalektrablue able to exchange their ions in a wide pH range. Strong-base anion exchange resin is a strong anions and weak acids.
Clubalektrablue resins capable obmenivatsa ions within a narrow range of pH. The cation exchange resin in alkaline medium, the anion is strongly acidic and only the anions of strong acids.