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Will sell seeds Chernomorka lekarstvennogo mph mice

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:600 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

price per 1 kg 600 UAH

delivery in Ukraine is possible
the minimum number of 200 gram
tel 0931163552

Today in our country Chernomorec is preferably used for the extermination of harmful insects and the rodents. According to the expert on medicinal plants S. E. alinskogo, mice and rats are not only leave accommodations, but also thrown from the ships in water, if you feel the smell of grass and roots Chernomorka. Therefore, it is recommended sow the apiary for a better harvest, but in the fall to spread out the roots and stems in emenike to scare off the mice, so they do not penetrate into the hive . It is biennial herbaceous plant of 40-100 see Flowers dirty dark red color. Fruits - nuts 5-7 mm long, covered with prickles. All parts plants unpleasant smell. properties Chernomorka known since ancient times. Used as a painkiller, sedative, anti-convulsants, and when hemoptysis, dyspepsia, cough; used it infusion as lotion for burns, abrasions, bites of snakes; used in homeopathy. Infusion root promotes rapid healing of bone fractures. There is information about treatment with the decoction of the root of the thyroid, allergies, rheumatism. But alkaloids Chernomorka have high toxicity, and this greatly limits its use in medical practice.
In addition to the medicinal properties of chernomen essential for pest insects, mice,
the rats.

sincerely Daniel