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The starter gear T-40, MTZ, T-25, UMZ, T-16.

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Seller:Oleg Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast'

The main parameters for starters:

Voltage 12V 24V

Power 2, 7 kW 2,8 kW 4,5 kW

Torque 35 Nm N

The rotation of the right
Weight 6,0 Kg
MTZ-80,82, T-16, T-25, T-30, T-40, UMZ

The starter gear 12V, 24V MTZ, T-40, T-25, T-16 UBANA

Pumps gear ( NSH-A-left/right, 32, bldg 3 left/right, NSH 50 MC-3 left/right, NSH 32 a-3 left/right ("round"), Hiii 50 a-3 ("round"), NSH 100 a-3 Discs clutch, clutch (basket) MAZ, ZIL-130, GAZ-53, MTZ-80,82. UMZ, T-40, T-25, T-16, MD-60, MD-18, A-41. left/right. Valves (P80-3/1-111, P80-3/1-222, P80-3/1-333, P80-3/1-444, P80-3/2-222, P80-3/2-444, P80-3/3-222, P80-3/3-444, P80-3/4-222, P80-3/1-22, P80-3/1-44; R-100, R160-3/1-111, R160-3/1-111-10, R160-3/1-222; Valve P-200. The Dispenser Gura (MTZ, UMZ, box). The cylinder head (UMZ,T-40,MTZ, A-41, MD). Sleeve high pressure (WFD - in range). Starting engine PD-10, PD-350 accessories for PD (Crankshaft-DD, Piston-PD.. Magneto-DD, Starter-DD, Sleeve-PD N....P3). Partnerconnect D-240, D-144, MD-60, YAMZ-236, SMD-20. The kit includes cylinder liner and the piston optionally, you can trim piston pin, piston rings.The rods JAMZ,MTZ, SMD,T-40, MTZ. Clutch breaking, the Clutch connecting fitting, elbows tees crosses, chokes, caps and much more. The high quality. Reasonable rates. Call, agree!