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Nickel powder

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Nickel is the basis of most heat-resistant materials, used in the aerospace industry for parts power installations.

  • Monel-metal (65 - 67% Ni + 30 - 32% Cu + 1 % Mn), heat resistant up to 500 °C, is very corrosion-resistant;
  • this alloy, resistance alloy (60 % Ni + 40% Cr);
  • permalloy (76% Ni-17% Fe + 5 % Cu + 2% Cr), high magnetic susceptibility at very small hysteresis losses;
  • Invar (65 % Fe + 35% Ni), almost not lengthened when heated.
  • In addition, Nickel alloys include Nickel and chromium-Nickel steel, Nickel-silver and various alloys of the resistance of the Constantan type, nickeline and manganin.

CE stainless steels contain Nickel, because Nickel increases chemical resistance of the alloy. Also Nickel alloys characterized by a high viscosity and are used in the manufacture durable armor. In the manufacture of critical parts of different devices used an alloy of Nickel and iron (36-38% Nickel), with a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

In the manufacture of serdechnikov electromagnets wide application find alloys under the General title of permalloy. These alloys, except iron, contain from 40 to 80% Nickel. Nickel alloys chakanetsa coins. The total number of different alloys of Nickel, which finds practical application, up to several thousand