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Ferroalloys,Coke,Cast Iron

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Mariupol

Soft rates - solid quality` supplies(ships) the following Goods: 1. Ferro-alloys in the range: ?Ferromanganese FMN 70-95 ?Ferroalloys MNF-17 ?Ferrosilicon FS 25-65 ?Ferrochrome PF-0,25, 100, 800 ?Ferrotitanium PTI-35 ferroalloys under the order: ?Ferrotitanium PTi-70 ?Ferronickel FNI-44 ?Ferromolybdenum, Fir-60 ?Ferrovanadium Fer-50 2.Cast iron foundry (L 3-6) and pig (PL-1,2); 3.Coke, foundry and blast (CL-1,2, CD,2), coke nut CO., coke breeze KM; 4.Nickel H1, H3 (the cathode. card); 5.The magnesite powders, MRP, PES 6. Bronze brag, 7. Graphite electrodes, zinc (custom), 8. Aluminium AB, AK PRICE of the Goods is agreed by the parties. PACKAGING: big bag, bags, in bulk. The quality of the Product meets all the requirements of GOST, TU, national standards or other normative documents certifying its quality. CONDITIONS of DELIVERY: shipment engine standards warehouse . If necessary, can arrange delivery of the Goods at the buyer's warehouse. PAYMENT TERMS: in the NAC. currency of Ukraine with the Provider. Will provide the needs of Your production with the required number of quality products.

Prices are formed for each client individually, depending on the order quantity!

Will consider any offers on cooperation.