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Maltodextrin in bulk

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:11 UAH
Company:SPD Kravchenko
Seller:Kirill Gennad'evich Kravchenko
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LLC "DESU" sells wholesale and small wholesale maltodextrin.Full package of documents. Delivery in any point of Ukraine.
Maltodextrin (dextrimaltose) is a source of energy during exercise. This is a product of the partial breakdown of starch into smaller fragments - dextrins. With full splitting maltodextrin is produced glucose. In comparison with simple sugars has advantages, as it is broken down to glucose already in the digestive tract, with a relatively low speed, which ensures a long and smooth flow of glucose in the body during exercise.
Maltodextrin obtained before the load, is a good source of glucose and will provide you with quality energy in training.
Maltodextrin obtained after training is a good source of glucose for rapid replenishment of muscle and liver glycogen stores that were depleted during exercise.