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Foam car wash concentrate DLS

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Tokarchuk Nikolaj
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Bila Tserkva

Concentrated detergent for non-contact cleaning car. Removes the toughest road dirt (dust, oil, grease, traces of insects, wood tar and clay). Used for non-contact cleaning car. The chemical composition of the phosphate-free and solvent, safe for the environment, harmless to health.


  • The effectiveness of oily dirt or oil 80%
  • Efficiency with ingrained dirt 40%
  • Efficiency in lime mud 5%
  • The degree of alkalinity 65%
  • Efficiency when working with hard water 85%
  • The foaming 65%
  • The active substances 30%
  • Biological compatibility 90%

The product is dosed

  • Propistolet: 1/8 - 1/10
  • Foam: 0.8% - 1%

Packaging method: Canister, 10l.