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Engine oil for diesel engines MOL Dynamic Mistral 10W-40

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO 'Eksselen'
Seller:Luk'yanova Yuliya Fedorovna
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MOL Dynamic Mistral 10W-40
Engine oil for diesel engines
Product advantages
- For engines equipped with catalysts
- Low ash
- Long interval operation
- Compatible with filter cauliflowered (DPF)
- For diesel engines Euro IV and Euro V
- Increased engine life
MOL Dynamic Mistral 10W-40 motor oil grade Low SAPS (limited sulfated ash,
sulfur and phosphorus) to the most modern diesel engines of trucks.
MOL Dynamic Mistral 10W-40 increases the life of the exhaust gas system. This engine oil was
designed for diesel engines that meet the standards of toxicity Euro IV and Euro V, which
equipped with filter - cauliflowered (DPF), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR),
selective catalytic nitrogen oxides (SCR).
In accordance with the approvals of car manufacturers, the replacement interval MOL Dynamic Mistral 10W-40,
some engines may reach 100 000 km, but to establish the optimal replacement interval
this engine oil in the specific conditions required regular monitoring
working oil in the lab MOL Werachek.
Specifications and approvals
Viscosity grade: SAE 10W-40
MAN M 3477
ACEA E4-99 Issue 3
MB 228.51
MAN M 3277 + CRT
Volvo VDS-3
Renault RXD
Product description
MOL Dynamic Mistral 10W-40 vysokokachestvennoe engine oil Low SAPS class for heavy-duty
diesel truck engines.
Having a viscosity of SAE 10W-40 MOL Dynamic Mistral 10W-40 provides easy starting and reliable engine
his defense even at very low ambient temperatures.
Base oil included in the composition MOL Dynamic Mistral 10W-40 have low volatility, so when
using this engine oil reduces oil consumption and the content of harmful components in the exhaust
the gases.
MOL Dynamic Mistral 10W-40 provides excellent thermal stability and retains its performance
properties unchanged during the long interval of operation.