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The pump, press, dryer, separator, mill, crusher, dismembrator, dispersant, spray and other food and feed equipment

Offer type: salePublished: 19.02.2022
Price:10 000 $
Company:TOV "TEHNO-T"
Seller:Shkarupa Valentin Volodimirovich
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I suggest You check with the activity of the plant PCF "Techno-T" (, Niin, Ukraine), engaged in the manufacture, installation and regular supply of modern equipment for the food processing, agricultural, juicesx and wineries.

If you are interested in equipping productions best mobile explosion-proof centrifugal or piston nasonini installations (mesgo pumps) from 2 to 55 m3/HR, facilities for the preparation of suspensions, accelerate the stabilization of wines, dosing ingredients in the stream, mixers, grinders, heaters pulp, the entire line primary wine from berries to spill white, shnekovymi presses from 0.7 to 30 t/h and dryers for liquid bulk products and raw on couple and solid fuel, alcohol columns, bunkers shnekovymi conveyors and feeders, PDA-steaming complexes of crusher and mixer 1.5 tons per hour, presses-piketirovali, nozzles ORB and VRA, conical and cylindrical sluice gates of a pneumatic conveying system for drying of milk and other pneumotransport, equipment for processing meat and fish waste, dryers bards and grains from 100 to 700 kg/hour, granulators, generators of solid fuel, capacitive stainless and others, including refrigeration and heat transfer equipment, You can send an application form by the specified coordinates and You will be told the cost of the proposed equipment, the manufacturing time and delivery terms. Presents (in attachment) the equipment developed by the Institute of vine and wine "Magarach", made of stainless steel food and it has been 13 years test. Additionally, we can manufacture equipment and kits according to Your drawings or specifications. PCF "Techno-T" expresses its readiness to participate in the tender for the supply the above and other equipment.

Sincerely, Valentin CBS

Manager PKF "Techno-T"

+380939662050, +380681945008 e-mail: