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Paper cups. Cups for coffee, a glass of tea, a glass of broth

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

One of the activities Paperstock is the production of disposable paper cups. On paper cups, made to order, You can print bright, colorful print of your company logo and any other design provided by you. Paper cups under hot drinks, cups cold drinks you can buy from us warehouse. All our products are certified in Ukraine and meets all health standards. Here You can buy:
• Disposable paper Cup for cold drinks (water, juice, etc.);
• Disposable paper Cup for hot drinks (tea, coffee, soup);
• Paper disposable cups for popcorn;
• Paper disposable Cup for soft drinks;
• Paper disposable Cup for alcoholic beverages;
• Disposable paper Cup for ice cream;
• Paper disposable Cup for soup at a fast food place;
• Paper Cup (used as a bucket of deep-fried meat or potatoes, as well as many other things).

Paper cups can, on request, be equipped with special lids:
• For hot drinks cover with pitaniem;
• For cold drinks with opening in lid under the straw.

We are ready to discuss with you the issues associated with buying paper cups, with your logo, pattern and size of the Cup.

Detailed information about our products and prices you can find on our web site and we will always answer your questions by phone and e-mail.