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Multiply paper bags

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Depending on the needs of the customer papier Runoff performs the production of paper bags with different number of layers of paper and any size. Paper, paper bags, selected individually with each customer, depending on the use of paper bags open top or paper bags with valve. The manufacture of paper bags is carried out on Kraft paper. Paper bags are open type and closed with a valve. Paper bags are used for packing for packing flour, charcoal, etc.

Buy paper bags with printed logo, or with other images, elements of advertising, your text you can have.

Unlike open the bags after filling required to sew, tape, or brew, valve bags are made with a closed valve initially. The product is fed into the bag through the valve, which is a small tubular hole. After filling it flattened by the pressure of the product in the bag and thus locked. Another advantage of the valve bag is it more correct form, which facilitates packaging.

Print on paper bag makes its appearance more attractive. Colorful appearance stimulates sales of packaged products. As well as bear the necessary information for consumers about the Packed material.

Term of manufacturing of the products is discussed with each customer separately, as well as the cost of the order depends on the number of ordered articles, the paper to be used, the size of the product.

Detailed information about our products and prices you can find on our web site and we will always answer your questions by phone and e-mail.