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manufacturer of paper bags

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Papier Stoke - reliable partner, a reliable manufacturer of paper packaging in Ukraine! We manufacture all standard types of paper packaging, so You may have to order the original packaging design for Your product.

Papier Drain offers the production of paper packaging for food producers:
- disposable paper dishes,
- sachets for baking,
- bag for packing flour,
package for sugar,
package for salt,
- pizza boxes,
package starch,
package for coffee,
package for tea,
package for cereals.

As well as packaging for confectionery and food products:
paper packaging fast food,
- bag of hot bread,
packages of donuts,
package French fries,
package for sugar, etc.

For the manufacture of paper bags used Kraft paper. Paper packaging and paper bags are gaining huge popularity among fast food restaurants, different kinds of fast food.

As papier Drain offers the production of paper packaging non-food groups:
- package of mixes
- packing animal feed,
- packing feed,
- packaging for cement,
- paper bags for charcoal,
- the packaging for loose powder,
- the Shoe box.

Papier Runoff successfully operates in Ukraine for the production: presentation packages, gift bags, paper bags, belts, bags for cosmetics stores and Shoe stores. It is possible to manufacture paper bags with handles, bags with handles and bottom.

Papier Runoff guaranteeing production orders using only quality paper. Delivery in regions of Ukraine, we provide transport companies that you can rely on time-tested.

Detailed information about our products and prices you can find on our web site and we will always answer your questions by phone and e-mail.