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Closeout shoes boots from Belarus galoshes, overshoes

Offer type: продамPublished: 29.01.2019
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Ukrainka, Ukraine

Boots for children and adults
The boots are made from environmentally friendly natural wool. The whole process of production of material for boots is handmade. For making a pair of boots is required from several years of growing sheep to several days of production and processing of wool felt boots. In this long and hard case involved several people. Therefore, each pair of boots is unique and individual.
The boots have medicinal qualities: regulate blood pressure, eliminate fatigue, normalizes sleep, calm the nervous system, increase the body's resistance to colds. The boots made from natural sheep's wool is warm, durable and comfortable. Such products create and maintain a comfortable body temperature, hygroscopic (breathe), perfectly absorb moisture, endowed and other healing properties.
We offer boots to wear on the street. Our boots have exclusive TIC-sole (new material for shoes), not having analogues in the world. This sole is very practical, hardy, lightweight, resistant to deformation, abrasion far superior to many types of soles, has a high coefficient of friction on the asphalt, wet roads, snow, reducing injuries in winter. Boots with soles meet the fashionable requirements, comfortable, will protect You in any weather.
Boots in silicone galoshes - trendy, exclusive footwear.
All kinds of boots can be worn during freezing temperatures, ice, snow. In the presented boots You will have an attractive appearance, because they are suitable for wearing with jeans and coats, coats, jackets, etc...