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Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
The company sells building materials wholesale in Kiev and Ukraine. Constructional objects materials: for sale - plywood water-resistant FC, plywood water-resistant PSF, laminated plywood of FOF, (made in Russia, Ukraine, China). As well as plywood, OSB-3,OSB, OSB (production Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, USA) - all thicknesses and formats. Moisture resistant chipboard Durelis/Populair (Spano, Belgium), fiberboard, LDWP, chipboard. The water resistant plasterboard, plasterboard wall, drywall ceiling, drywall KNAUF, profile for gypsum boards, profile, CD, UD, CW, UW, components for gypsum plasterboard. Dry mix, glue KNAUF, CERESIT, POLIMIN, ARTISAN.Insulation KNAUF, URSA, ROCKWOOL, mineral wool ROKMIN. Cement PC-400/500, crushed stone, sand and much more. Rates good call! Phone 8066-192-45-39. Roman. Kyiv.