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Cured meats : venison,chicken, Turkey, beef

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:Korallovyij rif
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Snacks, snacks for beer 80 species (packaged weight) Dried seafood such as dried squid,squid by "Peking", hottest by "Peking", squid taste of the crab, squid in "Shanghai",yellow cake, anchovy, octopus skewers, squid rings, salmon sticks, salmon skewers, squid, horse mackerel, amber fish, Thai roach fish, needle fish in Shanghai, Royal, cardinal, conger eel, silver angel, sand eel, flounder, squid tentacles smoked,dried caviar,taranco,Pollock,tuna, Imperial cake,king mackerel,Golden mackerel,dried fish, smelt, smelt, vendace, roach, bream, Rudd, Sopa, catfish strips, the strips pike,salmon, kata,mussels,snacks: peanuts, pistachios, crackers, chips, sunflower seeds;


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