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Selling Live tropical butterflies from Costa Ricky more than 30 kinds of

Offer type: salePublished: 29.10.2019
Price:990 RUR
Company:TROPIChESKIE BABOChKI g.Yuzhno-Sahalinsk
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Address:Russian Federation, Sakhalinskaya Oblast', Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
You want to Please your loved on 14 February and 8 March, birthday, or holiday? Give them a Great live Tropical butterflies from Kenya . We have year-round more than 30 Species of live Exotic butterflies from the Philippines , Costa Rica, and South America, and Kenya. Graceful flight Your gift will surprise anyone!!! With us you are always in the presence and under the order: 1.More than 30 species of live tropical exotic butterflies from the Philippines Costa Ricky South America Kenya Ecuador South Africa ! 2.Wedding fireworks of tropical butterflies 3. Children's imaginary butterfly farm! 4.More than 30 species of pupae of butterflies ! 5.Pressed butterfly under glass cubes! You have a home in the winter and summer will fly live tropical butterflies. This will be a great gift to your loved ones! Call us and we will send you a complete catalogue on WhatsApp, E-mail! Will tell you about our promotions and discounts up to -50%! SPECIAL OFFER FROM OUR STORE! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY IN THE WORLD!!! BLUE MORPHO! Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides, wingspan 13 - 16 cm) — butterfly, amazing in so many ways. In the hit parade "the Most beautiful butterflies of the world" it certainly would have taken one of the first places. In nature the Blue Morpho butterfly lives in Central America, Paraguay, Mexico, Costa Rica. It's not the most rare butterfly, but one of the most spectacular. The Blue Morpho butterfly - a true jewel of the Amazonian jungle! In some Indian tribes living in the Amazon, Blue Morpho butterfly is considered sacred because according to legend, she is the messenger of Heaven to Earth and can transmit to the Gods the most secret desires. Her elegance and beauty - unique, unreal glitter sparkling in the trees wings just crazy! The wingspan of the blue Morpho butterfly can reach 16 cm, but is most remarkable in it is not the size and amazing color. This butterfly with blue wings, fringed with a broad black band. Strikingly, bright blue color — not the result of the presence in the wings of color pigment. It's an optical effect. On the wings of morpho located millions of scales, the upper side of which is transparent, and the bottom contains melanin-that is, reflects light. This is the real microscopic mirrors! And with very complex structure: the scales have ribs on the outside, and cavities and walls inside. Falling on its surface the light is repeatedly refracted in a most peculiar way. When the Blue Morpho flies, the observer sees a blue butterfly, something flashing in the sun, then vanishing. In fact before us is not the blue butterfly, and the magic mirror illusion — hence the feeling that the butterfly is constantly changing color from brown or dark purple to bright blue. Blue Morpho butterfly, buy you can in our store, in great demand not only as a living gift or holiday decoration. This kind of love to use in their work the breeders. In addition, the wings of the Blue Morpho are used for making jewellery and decorating items from the tree. Another nice feature of this beautiful blue butterfly is a relatively long life expectancy. In the home it can accommodate up to 1 month for the butterfly very much. To feed these butterflies can perespevshey bananas and sugar syrup. To increase the duration of their lives, it is important to monitor the humidity in the room — in fact Morpho native to the tropics, where the humidity is always great. So, the Blue Morpho (Morpho Peleides) — a gorgeous blue butterfly that we suggest and those who are planning to present a live card, and for those who want to decorate your celebration a huge firework display from the flying beauties. Note that the Morpho is not prone to long flights, she's more willing to show his beauty, sitting on your hand, or a flower or something else. Possible delivery in the city of Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, Kamensk-Uralsky, Pervouralsk, Serov, Novouralsk Asbestos Polevskoy of Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Revda Krasnoturinsk Berezovsky Forest of the Upper Salda Kachkanar Krasnoufimsk Alapaevsk Pervouralsk Dir Tavda Sukhoy Log Artemovskiy Bogdanovich Kushva Karpinsk severoural'sk Nina Kamyshlov Krasnouralsk Nev Nizhnyaya Tura Sredneuralsk Sysert ' Kirovgrad Call write!