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Edifett SCP/Adipet (Meggle, Germany) emulsifier for biscuit dough

Offer type: salePublished: 24.10.2019
Company:ChP 'Raduga-Evis'
Seller:Bliznyuk Oksana
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The company "rainbow-EVIS" - official the representative of the company Meggle (MEGGLE), Germany, offers a wide variety of emulsifiers for biscuit dough Edifett SCP.

Emulsifiers for whipping Edifett SCP are emulsions, spray-dried, which can be added in powder form for the manufacture of different types of dough for biscuits. Emulsifiers Edifett SCP is designed for long shelf life and can be used in versatile baking mixtures for home use for small cakes or in industrial the baking processes. Edifett SCP works best in the manufacture products, such as:

· Biscuits

· Cupcakes

· Rolls

· Donuts


Product advantages:

· Thin, homogeneous texture of the cake

· A short while whisking

· A large amount of the finished product


We will be happy to provide You with additional information and samples.

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Viber: 095 608 23 58




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