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Planing, slotting, broaching machine 7307, 7Д36, 7Б35, 7Е35, 7М36, 7310Д, 7110, 7112, 7210, 7212, 7216Г, 7А420, 7523, 7534, 7Б520, 7Б56

Offer type: salePublished: 22.10.2018
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The company sells group planing machines, slotting machines, broaching machines:
Planing machines - 7110, 7112, 7210, 7212, 7216Г.
Cross-planing machines - 7307, 7Д36, 7Б35, 7Е35, 7М36, 7310Д
Slotting machines - 7А420 and other
Horizontal broaching machines - 7523, 7534, 7Б520, 7Б56

Available is all models - photos, price, technical condition, location of machines on request!
The purpose of the sale, the reduction/closure of production.

Also available is the all group's machine tools, see our other ads.

Methods of payment: cash or Bank transfer, possible combined payment.
Make the dismantling and loading of the machine – for free!
Submitted all the documents.
Possible sale/delivery across Ukraine and to CIS countries and abroad.

Arrange transportation, payment to one side.