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Corn seeds DB Hawtin

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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

A simple modified hybrid medium early (FAO 250).

Entered in the Register of varieties of Ukraine in 2015.
The direction of the grain.

It tolerates drought.
Culture height of 230-240 cm

Height of attachment of the cob - 85-95 see

The plant tillers, resistant to lodging.
Kachan length is 22-24 cm, the number of rows of grains 16-18, stem - red.
The grain is yellow-orange, sometimes red streaks appear, subordonnee.

The hybrid responds well to improved growing conditions.

1000 grains weight is 280-300 g.
Area for cultivation - Steppe, forest-Steppe, Polissya.
The recommended pre-harvest density in the Steppe zone - 50-55 thousand PCs./ha, Forest - 75-80 thousand pieces/hectares, woodlands - 90 thousand units/ha.

Potential grain yield in the Steppe zone is 95-115 kg/ha, Forest - 125-135 kg/ha.

Real grain yield in the Steppe zone - 65-90 kg/ha, Forest - 95-120 kg/ha.