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Sunflower seeds ES Saxon's Granstar

Offer type: salePublished: 15.03.2021
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Seller:nosal'skaya Svetlana
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

EU Saxon – medium early simple interline hybrid of the linoleic type with high oil content. Resistant to the herbicide Express(Granstar). Maximum one-time utilization rate of the herbicide is 50 g/ha. One of the important advantages of the herbicides of this group is the safety in the rotation. Active drug substance have rapid half-life in soil, thus, no restrictions on the planting of subsequent crops in the rotation.

Despite by tall, the plant of this hybrid has high resistance to root lodging.

Stem height up to 210 cm

The diameter of the basket is about 21 cm.

Seeds have an average value.

Weight of 1000 seeds can reach 65грамм.

Resistant to Broomrape (races A-E) and new races of downy mildew.

Tolerant of Volgograd and various rots and leaf baskets.

Has a high degree of selfing, which gives high yields in areas where there are low numbers of natural pollinators.

The recommended plant density in areas of insufficient humidity is 50-55 tis/ha, in areas of sufficient moisture – 60/thousand/ha.

Hybrid EU-Saxon is characterized by high drought-resistance, ductility and a very high economic value.