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Graphite electrode, electrode stubs Buy expensive. The battle of graphite electrodes buy

Offer type: buyPublished: 24.11.2019
Price:28 UAH
Seller:1 1 1
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Address:Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine, Muzhiyevo

Buy expensive cinder graphite electrodes from the dump, with shops, chipped, broken socket, stale in warehouses, substandard, battle of graphite the electrodes will buy everything under balance.
Cinder 610's, 500's, 400's, 300's, 200's, 150's, and other electrodes diameters.
Constantly buy the battle of the electrode and nipples for them, any size and diameter.
We buy in any quantity, 100% payment, pickup, payment is cash/Bank transfer.
The battle of the graphite sell/Buy the battle of graphite electrodes, Waste - expensive! Recycling: Graphite, graphite battle, the battle of the anode and cathode. Different factions, any brand, in large volumes.
Prices are negotiated INDIVIDUALLY!
Call, write. 24/7