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Mesh corrugated kanilirovannaya GOST 3306-88

Offer type: salePublished: 11.10.2018
Seller:Konovalenko Elena
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Address:Ukraine, Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast', Korosten'
Sell mesh corrugated kannelirovannye GOST 3306-88
2х2х1,3mm in the map 1500х4500мм
3х3х1,0mm, 4х4х1,8mm, 5х5х2,0(2,2)mm, 6х6х2,2mm, 7х7х2,5mm, 8х8х3,0mm, 10х10х3,0mm, 11х11х3,0mm, 12х12х3,0mm, 13х13х3,0(4,0)mm, 14х14х3,0mm, 15х15х3,0(4,0)mm, 16х16х4,0mm, 18х18х4,0(5,0)mm, 19х19х5,0mm, 20х20х5,0mm, 21х21х5,0mm, 22х2хх5,0mm, 23х23х5,0mm, 25х25х5,0mm, 30х30х5,0mm, 35х35х5,0mm, 40х40х5,0mm, 45х45х5,0(6,0)mm: 50x50x5,0 mm, 5-10х3,0mm, 5-15х3,0mm in the map 1750х4500мм.
The raw material used steel grade 55.Any of the grids can be made of low carbon steel.
Stock and custom manufacturing.
Possible delivery in Ukraine by any carrier.