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In (supports) S-31 MP with stud M16

Offer type: продамPublished: 21.02.2022
Price:275 UAH
Seller:Homenko Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Universal will fit any machine or equipment of OV-31, MP. Anti-vibration mounts S-31МП our production is not maintenance-free and fully retain their characteristics in the process of operation. At work take the form of sex. Not corrode, does not rot, does not become old and are not deformed. You can order from 1 piece to 10,000 pieces at a time. A great advantage of our supports is the ability to work with light (up to 1 ton) machines - as with 4-point mounting (machine to 4 anti-vibration mount) and its Soviet counterparts simply won't perform their function (they have a minimum weight of one vibrocore - strictly not less than 250 pounds).
Technical specifications of our products, see below.

The cost of 1 thing:
Stud M16 (standard 90% of the machines) - 275 UAH without VAT, 328 UAH with VAT;

Will sold in the market (and therefore different equipment) since 2000.

Technical specifications:
The smallest working load is not less than 50N (5кгс)
The greatest working load is not higher than 35000Н (3500кгс)
Stud - M16
The diameter of the cushion 120mm
The seat cushion height 60mm
The total height 132mm
Climatic version - U1, U2, U3, UHL1, UHL-4, UT1.5
Package content:
Will 1pc.
Hairpin 1pcs.
Nut 1pc.
Washer 2pcs
The anti-vibration mounts fully comply with the technical conditions TU2-024/5997-87.