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In S-31МП pin M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24

Offer type: продамPublished: 21.02.2022
Price:275 UAH
Seller:Homenko Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Produce and sell a generic vibrocore S-31МП.

The main advantages of our products:
1. The ability to produce vibrocore with the pin of any diameter - M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24.
2. For the European light machinery is extremely important to be able the normal operation of the antivibration mount with light machine - our will is functioning normally with a weight of 5 (!) pounds - in contrast to the Soviet - or its counterpart-where the normal operation is guaranteed only 250 kg per vibrocore (!!);
3. The lack of materials articles of rubber - rubber, which is used in vibrocore of the Soviet type, has a lot of flaws - it eventually begins to "harden"/trahnut/flow worse - it instantly loses its properties from contact with industrial oils. Our will such faults has not. In Europe from the rubber antivibration mountings refused for a long time, among the post-Soviet producers - only we produce vibrocore without rubber made of special materials.
4. Our will when the equipment is operated on an uneven field takes the form of the floor - which further improves the performance of the equipment;
5. Anti-vibration mounts S-31МП not maintenance-free and fully retain their characteristics in the process of operation. Not corrode, does not rot, does not become old and are not deformed.

The cost of 1 thing:

Studs M12-M14 (analogue to vibracore S-70) - 350 UAH without VAT;
Stud M16 (standard 90% of the machines) - 275 UAH without VAT, 330 UAH with VAT;
Stud M18-M20 - 700 UAH without VAT;
Stud M22-M24 - 900 UAH without VAT.

For wholesale order (more than 50 PCs) - individual contract price.
Will sold in the market (and therefore different equipment) since 2000.

Technical specifications:
The smallest working load is not less than 50N (5кгс)
The greatest working load is not higher than 35000Н (3500кгс)
Hairpin - from M12 to M24 inclusive, with a step of 2 (M12, M14, M16) cushion Diameter 120mm - 140mm
The seat cushion height 60mm
The total height 132mm
Climatic version - U1, U2, U3, UHL1, UHL-4, UT1.5 Package content:
Will 1pc.
Hairpin 1pcs.
Nut 1pc.
Washer 2pcs
The anti-vibration mounts fully comply with the technical conditions TU2-024/5997-87.