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The starter of PMA-0100, PMA-0102, PMA-0103, PMA-0105, PMA-0108, PMA-0304, PMA-0305, PMA-315, PMA-0515

Offer type: salePublished: 17.04.2019
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
KOEMZ sells: Electromagnetic contactors series PMA-0100, PMA-0101, PMA-0102, PMA-0103, PMA-0105, PMA-0108, PMA-0304, PMA-0305, PMA-0315, PMA-0515.
The starters series of PMA-0000 rated current 6.3 A intended for use in electrical installations for remote start direct network connection, shutdown and reversing of three-phase asynchronous motors squirrel-cage motors with voltage up to 660 V AC frequency 50 and 60 Hz. In the presence of thermal overload relays the contactors protect the motors controlled against overloads of inadmissible duration.
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