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Copper oxide (1)

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Copper oxide(I) (remixed copper oxide dimadi, obsolete. copper oxide) is the chemical compound with the formula {\displaystyle {\mathsf {Cu_{2}O}} {\displaystyle {\mathsf {Cu_{2}O}}}. Compound of copper with oxygen, basically the oxide. Crystalline substance brown-red in color. In nature it is found as the mineral cuprite.
Copper oxide(I) under normal conditions — solid brown-red color soluble in water and ethanol. Melts without decomposition at 1242 °C
Copper oxide(I) used as a pigment for colouring glass, ceramics and glazes; as a component of paint that protects the underwater part of the vessel hull fouling; as a fungicide
Possesses semiconductor properties and is used to mannosamine valves