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Protective cover Shield for the preservation of pool of any type

Offer type: продамPublished: 29.05.2020
Price:47 $
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

As practice shows, if at the conservation pool to keep it open in the spring in preparation for bikini season will take a lot of energy to clean up with extra cash costs. To get rid of the extra hassle and the season to start a good mood, it is necessary to use a protective covering SHIELD.  

Covering the SHIELDis investments that will work for you all year round. This design will allow quickly and easily protect your pool for the winter, and after removal of the cover in the spring, to reduce the time for cleaning. The covering can be used throughout the year, which will reduce the evaporation of water from the pool and reduce the cost of chemicals.


Covering the SHIELD is a reliable product will protect from accidents associated with fall of persons or Pets in a bowl pool. The strength of the covering and its special design allows to withstand the weight of the snow that falls in winter. And its aesthetically pleasing appearance will enhance any yard.