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Kitchen shield veneered in Kiev without intermediaries from Dekori-Elite

Offer type: salePublished: 21.10.2016
Company:Kompaniya "Dekori Elite"
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Furniture veneer Board is a basic material for making furniture of wood parts for stairs and other products. To date, veneered shield is considered the most popular material among the buyers of furniture.

The popularity of wooden panels for the production of items of kitchen furniture largely due to the natural purity of the materials are environmental. The kitchen area must be equipped with safe and functional furniture that combines the properties of visual appeal and practicality. Any owner doubly enjoyable daily to prepare meals in the beautifully appointed kitchen. Furniture veneered shield contributes to the creation of favorable conditions in the kitchen, able to withstand high humidity and extreme temperatures.

The process of production of furniture Board has distinctive features in the form of high labor costs and a large expenditure of raw materials. The process of creating a veneer of the shield includes a considerable number of operations. The multistage production process is due to the specific characteristics of the main material - wood and quality requirements of the finished product.

Different types of wood have their weight, density, structure in General, which greatly affects the design process. Among other options are the manufacture of kitchen veneer shield, the most common is "Swedish technology". In compliance with the rules on production it is possible to obtain products of excellent quality.

"Dekori-Elite" is a company for a long time engaged in the manufacture of kitchen furniture boards, relevant customer requests during the operation. Veneered shield of decent quality you can buy in the organization "Dekori-Elite", choosing in the directory of companies required product

A prerequisite for the manufacture of veneer shield:

  • Excellent performance humidity for drying lumber;
  • Form of cubes, of which is veneered shield;
  • Moderate consumption of glue.