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mobile petrol station, container for fuel transportation

Offer type: salePublished: 17.06.2021
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Every driver knows that his technique requires maintenance and fuel for their work. If the first rule is a question of individual character, the fuel for the equipment – the issue more public. Judge for yourself: combines and tractors are difficult to fill in the field with cans. The fuel tanks of harvesters have a volume of 300 l and above. It is often possible to see a spare canister of fuel on Board each machine, if, technology has gone far in the field. How to ensure the convenient and quick fueling of equipment, if the field of its activities was spread over several hundred hectares? Mobile filling stations on the basis of containers and pump for pumping fuel – the right decision.

So, with a trailer and a small tractor for transportation, you can easily build a mobile filling station for filling cleaning machines. The purchase of fuel should occur one-time and large volumes. It is beneficial for any entrepreneur. To transport several tons of fuel and can in a metal tank, but its weight can be quite impressive when compared to plastic. Therefore, plastic tanks of diesel fuel today are in great demand. Light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life - what else can be better and cheaper?

Capacity for the carriage of fuel should be equipped with additional equipment. The breathing valve will dump fuel vapor accumulated in the tank and the filling level of the fuel can show the fuel level gauge to the vessel. Although the white colour of the container shines through quite well, the fuel level in the tank, so the gauge in this case would be superfluous. Further attachable to the container pump for fuel transfer, and our mobile station ready to execute a number of functions. To transport such gas station a block system should be at a low speed up to 20 km\h, since in the container the fuel is the degree of fluctuations and forms a wave when driving fast. It can be dangerous to reservoir under heavy braking.

In General all turns out quite convenient. The pump is connected either to the extension cord from the nearest power plant is 220 volts (sometimes it is used in diesel generators) or to the battery transporting equipment using a special clamping terminals. The mobile petrol station on wheels is moved for any distance and could not fill a single unit of equipment. While its design is quite compact and reliable.

A mandatory rule is the installation of standpipe and hose in top of tank. Since the lower box into the tank is not acceptable for fireproof regulations, in order to avoid leakage and contamination of the environment. Also all crossings and junctions, which are equipped with block-type filling stations should be carefully sealed and tighten the clamps. Fill fuel into the tank is through the main port with a cap with a screw part of the lid allows it to break during transport of fuel.