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Glenlivet whiskey at a low price in the store Drinkoff

Offer type: salePublished: 07.10.2016
Company:OOO "RBAL-sok"
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The history and production of fragrant delicious drink Whiskey goes into the historical mists of time. Since ancient times, the homeland of whiskey was considered Ireland and Scotland. Disagreements about the primacy and continued at the present time.

Today there are numerous types of tasty drinks, one of which is single malt Scotch whiskey, produced with success for about 200 years. Online store offers Drinkoff alcohol at the lowest possible prices. The company operates a long time, for about 10 years, delighting customers with a great combination of low prices and decent quality products.

The history of the emergence of whiskey

In the old days, Christian missionaries made possible the implementation of distillation in Scotland, found out about the features of this procedure directly from the crusaders, in turn, to adopt a secret from the people from the Middle East. Actions happened at the same time with the Crusades. The people of Scotland have perfected the recipe introduced, replacing the use of grapes to barley. The resulting drink became known as the "water of life", which in Celtic language means "uisge beatha".

New English conquerors, it was quite difficult to pronounce this name, so that they many times had altered and improved it. The original name of "living water" was transformed into "whisky", which is the most simplified for pronunciation.

The history of the emergence of whiskey in Scotland is known to all, however, Ireland is not going to give in, arguing about their own direct involvement in the production of the first whiskey. The people of Ireland say that a man who made whiskey to be Saint Patrick, not forgetting coffee, who improved the recipe for the production by improving the distillation process.

On the market of alcoholic production there is a huge number of varieties of whiskey. If desired, it is possible to find a really decent drink.