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Buy cages for quail

Offer type: salePublished: 05.06.2017
Company:Moyo hozyajstvo
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Growing quail on the farm is not difficult with the right approach to the conditions and methods the content of this nice bird. Among the many components of success in farming of quail, perhaps the most important place is occupied by cellular equipment that will contain Your Pets. From the conditions of detention depends on the egg production of quails, increasing weight, if quail are grown for meat, and finally, it is very health birds. Success in quail breeding stands on three pillars – a diet, cages, and sanitation.
We are manufacturers of cellular equipment for keeping of quails (cells for adult livestock, ponds for of rearing of brooder for these from the first day of life), our equipment meets zootechnical standards on the content of quail and ensures proper sanitation. In addition, our cages for quail durable because it is made of galvanized metal, and comfortable in caring for quail.
Cells for the adult population of quail, offered by us, is fully equipped with a nipple drinking system, common reservoir for water, feeders interspaces mesh, pallets, waste heat collection vital waste, accessorial. Perepelova don't have to run to the shops and look for missing items. It is possible to send cells in any region of Ukraine, and most importantly sent cages for quails assembled, You don't have the house to collect LEGO designer.
All technical data about the cellular equipment located on the site of the "My farm"
To get to our website, simply mount it in any search engine two words: “My economy” and go 1 link.