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Whiskey Jack Daniels

Offer type: salePublished: 29.10.2015
Price:400 UAH
Seller:Matskevich Eduard Viktorovich
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About whiskey Jack Daniels can to talk endlessly, because it is a truly unique drink. For him one allocated category a whiskey "Tennessee", which includes drinks, filtered through sugar maple charcoal. IManager Danielknecht whiskey, and not Bourbon although it is 80 percent corn alcohol. This difference is due to the filtration process that gives the whisky especially soft and clean taste. Its glorious history of the drink leads to 1866, when Jack Daniel founded his distillery. Then he had no idea that within 50 drink years it will be recognized as the best in the world. A wildly popular brand lost in 100 years. Position Jack Danielsn the alcohol market only strengthened.