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Production of high quality paper bags with logo in "Production Package".

Offer type: salePublished: 23.10.2015
Company:OOO "Proizvodstvo Paketov"
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

What factors affect the success of sales? Such factors are many, but the main of them are original and catchy packaging. Attractively packaged product has attracted the interest of potential buyers and they just can't pass up. The packaging becomes part of the product and advertises it. With ads of a particular company or product have a great deal of branded paper bags with the company logo. But to make bags that will become the hallmark of your company, necessary to comply with the requirements for exterior design and the quality of the material. In "Production Package" - paper bags with logo according to your orders will be fulfilled by the team of professionals. Our experts have impressive experience. The use of modern equipment allows to put any image using offset presses, flexo and screen printing. For bulk separation of individual fragments we can offer the processing of embossing. You can order the production of laminated bags, which are its rich texture will fully reveal the potential of your enterprise.

Company "Production Package" guarantees to its customers:

  • Acceptable and balanced the cost of the paper bags, regardless of circulation.
  • The ability to manufacture paper products in any quantity: from small parties to large. We work with wholesale and retail orders.
  • Stability high quality work for the production of paper bags and other products of our range.
  • The most rapid period of execution of orders, regardless of their size and complexity. Taken to fulfill urgent orders.
  • To each customer an individual approach and taking into account their wishes and budget.
  • Delivery is free of charge.

Our experts always find the optimal combination between the best customers for the cost of printing our paper products, the required run length and the customer's wishes.

Order making paper bags with logo in "Production Package" and this step will be a necessary step for the success of your business!