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Aluminum welding wire ER 4043 f 0.8 mm 0.5 kg

Offer type: salePublished: 13.10.2015
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There is a wide range of the wire:
Aluminum wire ER 4043, widely used for welding of cast Al - Si; Al-Si-Mg alloy type AD31, AD, AD (engine blocks, base plates, racks, etc.).
This is the most used aluminum wire ER 4043, used for welding of products from aluminum alloys of the 6XXX group, with the total content of alloying elements up to 2% and silicon containing aluminum alloys with Si content to 7%.
Welding wire ER 4043 applied for welding of Al-Si-Cu casting alloys of aluminum with other alloys. High silicon content in the wire provides good the wettability of the welded edges, allowing to obtain a smooth transition from the weld to the base metal and a smooth and shiny surface. When this surfaced the metal has excellent corrosion resistance, does not tend to form hot cracking and stress corrosion cracking under tension when temperatures above 65°C. However, products for welding which applied welding wire ER 4043, are not subject to subsequent anodizing because of the differences in the resulting colors on the main and weld metal.
Shielding gas: Ar, mixture of Ar/He, He.
Current =(+).
Mechanical properties.
Yield stress, MPa 55
Tensile strength, MPa 165
Elongation, % 18