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Copper coated welding wire ER 70S-6 f 0.8 mm 15 kg

Offer type: salePublished: 13.10.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast'
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There is a wide range of the wire:
Stable arc with drip and ink-jet transfer of electrode metal in the weld pool;
Simplicity to use welding equipment of any class of complexity;
Improving air tightness and external appearance;
Good re-ignition arc;
The reduced porosity;
The lowest level of metal loss from spatter when welding in shielding gas;
The possibility of applying for the robotic welding process with minimal training surface;
Economical consumption of copper conductive tips and uniform flow(the coating and the diameter of the wire has stable dimensions over the entire length).
Products are recognized and certified by: ABS, DNV, CCS, GL, KR, NK, which indicates high quality.

Welding wire ER70S-6 chemical composition and properties of the deposited metal is closest to domestic wire SVHS manufactured according to GOST 2246-70 and has a number of advantages providing productive work: dense row layer-by-layer winding, the same constant wire diameter throughout its length, durable uniform copper coating, no residues of grease and oxides on the surface of the wire. Welding wire for semi-automatic machine has copper-plated the surface coating ensures a conductive contact. These properties directly affect the quality of welded joints that can withstand high shock and temperature loads as well as tensile strength. Chemical the composition of the wire for welding ER70S-6 shall conform to the chemical composition of welded metal. The wire melts evenly, has a low-loss from the spatter.