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Welding Monolith electrodes ANO-21 f 2 mm 1 kg

Offer type: salePublished: 12.10.2015
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There is a wide range of the wire:

Electrodes ANO-21 (e-46) – are intended for manual arc welding metal structures of small thickness (1 — 5mm), carbon and low-alloy steels with carbon content not more than 0.25%. Electrodes characterized by easy ignition arc and a high resistance to combustion low currents. Welding can be done in all positions, when DC or AC.
Type electrodes ANO-21 provide good welding-technological properties in welding from small (home) transformers melkočešujčatye weld formation, and easy separability of the slag crust.
Recommended for welding of fillet, butt, lap joints, and also water pipes and low pressure gas pipelines.
Electrode consumption per 1 kg of weld metal is 1.65 kg.