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Gasoline saw forte FGS 45-45

Offer type: salePublished: 12.10.2015
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Engine performance saws
Engine type Petrol 2-stroke
Cylinder displacement volume of 45 cm3
Motor power 3.3 HP
Fuel tank volume 0.55 l
Lubrication system saws
Oil tank volume 0.26 l
Type of oil pump Automatic
Key features saws
Recommended bar length 45 cm
Chain pitch 3/8 inch
The speed circuit at max. speed 17 m/s
Anti-vibration system Is
Primer Is
The chain brake Is
Additional features of the saw
Features saw Easy start
Increased engine life
Chrome plating on the cylinder walls
The piston has two rings
The oil supply adjustment
High-quality shockproof plastic
The supplied Chainsaw
Protective case
Bus 45 cm
Combination wrench
Weight 5.6 kg