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Machine for resistance spot-welding SPOT Kripton 25kA (380)

Offer type: salePublished: 12.10.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast'
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N ABOUT IN N AND TO AND! Kripton SPOT 25kA (Apparatus for resistance welding of Kripton SPOT 25kA (380 V) the Device is intended to carry out the following works

Kripton SPOT 25kA
Supply voltage 2*380V.
Rated secondary current A
Power (conditional) 60 kVA
Ogladanie (water)
Weight 150kg.

(Apparatus for resistance welding SPOT Kripton 25kA (380) )
The apparatus is designed to carry out the following works:

-Electric resistance spot welding of sheet descopera-
destoy and alloy steel contact method
and forming nakhlystovykh narushennykh connections.
-The use of industrial ticks for double-sided welding.
One-side welding process to the metal thickness 2,0+2,0 mm
-Removing dents with an inertial hammer
-Welding of nails, dowels, studs, washers and bolts.
-Remove the pits and fixes various minor defects at sheet metal.
-Sediment surface using carbon electrodes.
-Heating, hardening and brazing.

Two-way pneumatic Pliers for spot welding are supplied separately.

The characteristics of the device for contact spot welding SPOT Kripton 25kA (380V)
— Country of origin: Ukraine
— Manufacturer: Kripton
— Current frequency: 50 (Hz)
— Warranty period: 18 (months).
— Mains voltage (from and to): 380
Category: For welders
— Degree of protection IP: 21
— Maximum welding current (A): 25000