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Apparatus for body repair Kripton SPOT7new (380V)

Offer type: salePublished: 12.10.2015
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Three phase machine for body repair Kripton SPOT 7(380) – industrial unit for auto repair industry and work on the alignment of cars on the SRT. The machine uses to power the three-phase AC voltage 380V and can handle the increased load.

Using Kripton SPOT 7(380 V) produced the following main types works:

pin-point welding of sheet and profile rolled carbon, low alloy and stainless steels. The thickness of the work piece with the apparatus parts is: for sheet metal – do mm, for bars and profiles – to6 mm;

- welding of non-ferrous metals and alloys in a pulsed mode of operation. Time pulse is controlled by the operator in the range of 0.01 – 0.99 seconds. Built-in the microprocessor allows to create programs of generation of pulses of current the control panel. Pulsed mode is used during soldering and tinning of electrical contacts. Primary current pulse is equal to 35 A;

cold drawing and straightening of body parts of vehicles the inertia of the hammer;

- welding and tack-welding spot welding fasteners and elements cladding to the frame of the vehicle;

- settlement surfaces after heating and welding with carbon electrodes.

The unit is controlled by an embedded microprocessor. The operator can to contribute to the memory of the microchip the most used modes with touch control panel with convenient push-buttons are equipped with light indication working condition. In control panel there is also a separately executed the block of programming pulse mode. In addition to the main workflow the microchip also controls the functional parameters of the unit: stability network power supply and a temperature mode of the basic units. Because of this to work with Kripton SPOT 7(380 V) can be in continuous mode.

Transportation unit vesom cgpa of the production site significantly facilitates the availability of freely rotating support rollers, and convenient handrails. The device is made in the form of mobile pedestals with storage tray tool in the lower part. The versatility of the unit and comfort provided Kripton SPOT 7(380 V) a popularity of consumers all over Ukraine.

Weight, kg 44
Type sotter
Thickness of welded metal, 6 mm
Maximum welding current, And 7000
Welding current And 200-7000
Max. quiescent current And 35
The voltage, V 380
Power consumed, kW not more than 14
Duty cycle at maximum current, % 100