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Welding inverter MMA WMaster 260 mini

Offer type: salePublished: 12.10.2015
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WMaster welding machine MMA-260 mini is a great helper for household welding. Light (3.15 kg) and compact device can connect to the mains even in an ordinary apartment. At maximum welding current (215 A) he consumes only 3.5 kW. In the MMA mode (manual arc welding) machine works with coated electrodes Ø 1,6-4,0 mm. Inverter circuit and microprocessor control helps to control the welding process, starting from a smooth ignition of the arc to monitor the uniformity of the depth the weld pool during the entire period of operation. IGBT-transistors, replaced in the massive scheme of transformer windings, high efficiency (89%) and almost never overheat. The reliability of the cooling apparatus a fan, also has protection against overheating and overload by current. Resistant to differential voltage +/-25%.

Type: single-phase inverter
Control limits of the welding current: 10-215 And
Welding current: DC
Cooling: active air
Open circuit voltage: 70 In
Mains voltage: 220 V +/-25%
Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz
Electrode diameter: 1.5-4mm
Power at rated current, max: 3.5 kW
The percentage of time, PW at a current 215: 60%
Degree of protection: IP23
Efficiency: 89%
Dimensions l/h/W: 100/230/155
Weight: 3.15 kg