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Radio "Arrow"

Offer type: salePublished: 26.10.2014
Seller:Mitish Nikolaj
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Address:Russian Federation
Receiver "Arrow" is a four-lamp radio and operates in the range of long and medium waves. Band switch - key. Dimensions of receiver: HH mm Weight 4,2 kg
The receiver has the following stages: 1. The frequency Converter to the lamp IP. 2. Amplifier and pre-N1-1H lamp IP. 3. Terminating power to the lamp PP. 4. Rectifier lamp CP. Signal detector and AGC semiconductor type DG-C or DD.
The range of acceptable frequencies: 1. Long - wave LW: 150-415 kHz (2000 - 722,9 m); 2. Medium wave - MW: 520 - 1600 MHz (577 - 187.5 m); intermediate frequency path 465 kHz.
Main technical data
Sensitivity in both ranges are not worse than 400 mV. The selectivity. The weakening of the sensitivity when the detuning of +-10 kHz is not less than 16 dB. Power output of 0.5 watts.
Powered the radio from the AC voltage of 220 or 127 C. power consumption 40 watts.
Electric circuit
Communication with the antenna vnutricostna through capacitor C3, connected in series in the input circuit. In the receiver applied two lamp type IP (triode-heptode). The first of them is used as a frequency Converter (triode-lo, heptad-mixer), and the second performs the function of the intermediate frequency amplifier and pre-amplifier of low frequency. Diagram of the detector signal and AGC normal, but the detector element is germanium diode type DG-C. In the terminal stage of the applied negative feedback.
Assembled it in a plastic case. Easy operation portable radio - nick "Arrow"
when a good external appearance, made him the most popular and cheap receiver of his time. Price model 28 rubles 15 kopecks (1959).