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New industrial printer Zebra ZT410 beats all records in consumer demand

Offer type: salePublished: 23.10.2014
Recently came on the market a new model of industrial printer Zebra ZT410 from the well-known in the United States and worldwide manufacturer Zebra Technologies.
As experts of SAURON, the new product is very easy to use, the printer provides high-quality and surprisingly efficient label printing resolution of 203 dpi, print width 104 mm
Zebra ZT410 will be a perfect solution to perform tasks in manufacturing, logistics and trade. The printer copes with print labels, correspondence, shipping labels, and is indispensable for carrying out accounting work performed.
To acquire the industrial printer Zebra ZT410 in the company Sauron.
In addition to the high performance printer and demonstrates a superior degree of protection. The body is made of wear-resistant and high-strength materials, protects your device from harmful external influences, shock, dust and moisture.
The dimensions of the device have been specifically reduced by the manufacturer that allows you to successfully host the printer even in confined spaces.
Experts SAURON tested the printer and concluded that it is very easy to use. Working with the device is greatly simplified painted yellow adjustable parts of the machine, which greatly helps when changing or installing the ink ribbon, and the presence of local illumination system load paper.
The advantages of this model can also include user-friendly graphical interface, convened on the basis of an LCD display, interfaces USB 2.0, RS232, Ethеrnеt and Bluеtооth that optimize connect the printer to the PC. And support this interface as the USB Host provides the user with simple and easy setup configurations, and also leaves the possibility to expand the memory device.