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"Milling machine" FP-45P. Vertical milling machine

Offer type: salePublished: 20.10.2014
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Address:Republic of Belarus
The supply voltage 400 V
Power consumption 1500 watts
Number of speeds 6 tbsp.
Range of spindle speed 80-1250 min-1
The angle of the head of ±90°
Table size mm 800x240
The size of the basis 400x635 mm
Overall height 1400 mm
Spindle taper MK IV
The transverse stroke of the table 205 mm
The longitudinal stroke of the table 585 mm
Spindle stroke 130 mm
The departure of the spindle (X) 250 mm
Max. distance between spindle and table 450 mm
Max. drill hole diameter 45 mm
T-shaped slot width 16 mm
Adjustable drill depth Yes
Fine feed spindle Yes
One division of the Vernier
- longitudinal stroke of the table 0,02 mm
- transverse stroke of the table 0,02 mm
- fine adjustment spindle 0.02 mm
Weight 310 kg
Vertical milling machine for the production of
It is clear that one of the crucial roles in each production plays a highly trained staff and competent supervision. For these purposes the managers arrange for employees courses to improve the skills. Particularly appreciated in our time of generalists who can work on a variety of hardware and is able to freely move from one shop to another, as well as to replace their colleagues. However, skilled staff is not everything. Half of the success of the company depends on another aspect, which is no less important. This hardware. If it is used "in step with the times, modernized in time and meets the highest standards - this production will always be at the forefront.
Quite often in engineering and industrial production is used vertical milling machine. What is it for?
the milling surfaces of the parts of varying complexity;
milling circuits of different configurations;
the processes of drilling, zenkerovanie and boring holes.
Milling machine is a special equipment used to perform one of the most popular operations with wood - milling. Vehicles are designed for different methods of removing material from the surface of the workpiece. To create holes and slotting applied drilling milling machine.
The use of milling machines is the primary method of treatment of parts of all sizes and types. Devices of this type without difficulty carry out work on various surfaces, and most often used in mass and serial production.
Procurement and other metal items are made with fixed cutters, which is located in the middle of the machine, and, more precisely, its spindle.
To configure milling equipment and its functionality, you must first perform several other actions, usually on the machines. Often additional movement required in preparation for cutting.
The processing can be performed in any position, but it is best to run horizontally or vertically.
The types of machines and their features
Horizontal milling
Such equipment has a horizontal spindle and the console.
Milling machines of this type are equipped with an additional spindle head. It is located on the retractable trunk of the machine.
Vertical milling
Such a device has a vertical spindle, which is used not only in small-scale, but also mass production.
Universal milling
Using universal milling equipment can handle different planes and framework structures.
Vertical milling machines
Such equipment is absolutely unique. You can say it performs jewellery work, as is typically used for high-quality machining small parts. Vertical milling machines, it is best used in small-scale or repair work. Each equipment has a special spindle, with which you can adjust the drilling depth.
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