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The radiator sectional aluminum thermal RAP-300. 163 RUB

Offer type: salePublished: 19.10.2014
Seller:Shevchenko Sergej Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk
Very lowest price + free shipping.
5-year warranty.
Always in the presence of radiators of any configuration, from 3 to 16 sections . The cost of the heat sink can be calculated, multiply the number of sections 163 RUB
We have a huge selection of heating equipment.
Manufacturer: Chrysostom,
Heat dissipation aluminum sectional radiator thermal RAP-300 fifty percent consists of radiation and 50 percent of convection.
Working pressure 24 bar.
Test pressure of 36 atmospheres.
The coolant according to the norms RD 153-34.0-20.501-2003 water
The limit of the pH to 9.5
Coolant temperature 110°C
Thread connections 4хG 3/4 , human rights., EXT.
Warranty period 5 years
The service life of 20 years
Material profile aluminium - magnesium alloy 6063 (similar to AD-T).
TYPE PMA - 300
power services . section. (kW) 0,105
between centruy size (mm) 300
total height (mm) 331
depth (mm) 52
the section width (mm) 84
the volume of section (l) 0,08
weight of unit (kg) 0,7
The company LLC "Kilo -" is it profitable to buy, because:
1) we Have very low prices,
2) We provide a full range of services: consulting, design, supply, installation, operation.
3) free delivery of the equipment,
4) the Warranty on the equipment supplied and work performed.
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