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Bimetal radiator sectional Winter Dream WDR-200B 297 RUB

Offer type: salePublished: 19.10.2014
Seller:Shevchenko Sergej Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk
Very lowest price + free shipping.
5-year warranty.
Always in the presence of radiators of any configuration. The cost of the heat sink can be calculated, multiply the number of sections 297 RUB
We have a huge selection of heating equipment
The main advantage of bimetallic sectional radiators Winter Dream WDR-500B is that they are resistant to oxidation, as well as their high working pressure.
Designed for use in hot water heating systems, residential,
administrative and public buildings
Method of manufacture: Cast, 100% steel manifold
Material products: carbon steel, alloy and aluminum alloy ADC12
The color coating of the radiator sections: Snow - white
Working pressure: 30 Bar
Test pressure: 45 Bar
Working temperature: from +1°C to +110°C
Heat one section: 105 W (∆T=70°C)
Type of fluid: water and other media not corrosive to the materials of the products
The value of pH: pH 7 - pH 8
The capacity of the heat carrier in one section: 0,15 l
Center distance: 200 mm
Overall height: 260 mm
The depth of one section: 96 mm
The width of one section: 80 mm
Service life: 25 years
Warranty period: 5 years from date of installation, but not more than 66 months from date of sale