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Funding is not debt, investment

Offer type: otherPublished: 18.10.2014
Seller:Shabanov Kamal
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Address:Republic of Azerbaijan
Before you take out loans and loans to banks for financing your projects, read the following information.
There are high yield investment programs closed type due to which many Western companies have NO DEBT financing for infrastructure, energy and other social projects, as well as funding to increase working capital and authorized capital prior to IPO (Initial Public Offer). These programs are governed and regulated by ESMA ( European Securities and Markets Authorities and the ECB (European Central Bank). The initiators of such programs are licensed brokerage firms, hedge funds, highly rated European banks and affiliates of these banks, trading companies, which are under the direct control of the ESMA and the ECB.
To gain access to these programs, the potential investor (the company) must go through a lot of the multilevel screening / due dil (check) and to have one of the following types of assets:
1. Cash in your Bank account, or
2. Provided a Bank Guarantee issued by a local Bank and confirmed one of the banks belonging to the top 25. (BG obtained the lease will not be accepted)
Assets are blocked for the duration of the program, a maximum of 10 months. Depending on the value of the asset, the program pays profits in the amount of from 5% to 15% of the weekly average of 200% and above in 10 months. At the expiration of the term of the asset is de-blocking, non-profit and the asset remains with the investor. Guaranteed income on a contractual basis. Risk is zero. All transactions take place in the highly lucrative market of secondary capital (secondary capital market).
The scheme is similar to the Deposit in the Bank for which the Bank pays the client the annual interest during the term of the Deposit contract. Upon completion of term, the client withdraws their money placed on Deposit account, together with interest. The essential difference between the proposed program from Bank Deposit lies in the fact that the program pays the interest on a WEEKLY basis, and the final percentage is ten times more than the annual interest paid by the Bank.
If your company has investment projects in need of financing, please contact us. Infer from the program under 30/70. Also have access to one of the five programmes of the first level.
In connection with the sanctions with residents of the Russian Federation are working on another scheme. To log in to second level program minimum nominal full (top) BG shall be not less than €7M.
Contacts: ), tel: +99450 680-02-99