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Foam generators for car wash IdroBase 24 liters. Does not rot and does not rust

Offer type: salePublished: 17.10.2014
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
Does not rot and does not rust! What you need for car wash
New tank foam generator and spray with an inner layer of plastic.
Club dei Riparatori the Idrobase group company, is a new world Exclusiv: foam detergent c painted tank epoxy plasticities 24 liters.
What is the difference with a regular tank?
Thanks to the application in the internal cavity of the tank foam generator, detergent (active, concentrated and acidic detergent) retains its properties, because the chemical composition is not changed from the metal tank from rust, which is not formed through the insulation avoiding rusting.
What is the advantage?
The life of the tank will be double compared to normal non-protected tank. Detergent does not undergo changes in composition caused by oxidation or rust.
The principle of operation and applications:
The generator is powered by compressed air and is connected to the pneumatic system (compressor 8 ATM.)
Thanks to the thin and long tube foam gun it allows the application of detergents and disinfectants in the form of foam on any surface, including hard to reach areas. The maximum height of the foam application up to 6 meters.Advantages of foam generator are saving chemicals (20-30 g washing one car), the reduction in time for processing the surface (~5-6 minutes to wash one car).
The foam generator is used for contactless cleaning of vehicles, premises, equipment, production facilities, dry cleaning, salon, etc.
You need to know that to get a good result washing and avoid damage to the paintwork, it is necessary to use high-quality, special chemistry for non-contact cleaning.
Capacity 24 liters
The tank is Painted steel with epoxy plasticization
Weight 16 kg
Maximum pressure 8 bar
Lance 600 mm
Nylon hose 10 metres
Manufacturer Italy
Package contents: Gun (the inner part of the *Viton® + gr. steel spear from stainless steel. steel 600 mm with one fan nozzle, pressure gauge, safety valve, manual exhaust valve and the pressure regulator air valve of the air mixing and the mixing valve detergent, ball valve closure, nylon hose 10m.
Delivery to all cities of Ukraine