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In the Russian Internet shops has a new label printer Zebra GT800.

Offer type: salePublished: 17.10.2014
Seller:Kapronova Ekaterina
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Address:Russian Federation
New label printer Zebra GT800, which was recently announced by the manufacturer - Zebra Technologies , has finally appeared on the Russian market.
It should be noted that this model was one of the most anticipated products this year, as an increasing number of companies needed a good quality device that could show consistently high performance when solving problems printing small and medium volumes.
The developers have done their best, and they really came out great device.
In SAUTRON note that tests the device showed themselves in the best possible way.
Design Zebra GT800 belongs to the category of advanced, has durability and ergonomics. In the case of device developers have posted an extensive set of connection interfaces. Among them, there is an Ethernet port and USB ports for removable media and other
The printer is extremely easy to use, the likelihood of inactivity of the device, as well as malfunction is reduced by the manufacturer to a minimum. New label printer Zebra GT800 allows the use of such programming languages as EPL and ZPL. This makes it possible to ensure backward compatibility, as well as access to the most modern features such spacecraft, for example, Unicode support and ZBI 2.0, as well as the possibility of keeping printed material. Buy label printer Zebra GT 800 in the company SAURON.
In the GT800 printer it is possible to use different color ribbons long. The manufacturer claims about the use of tape long 300 m and 74 m Installation tape and refill cartridges also should not cause difficulties, be able to cope not even relevant specialist thanks to the OpenACCESS design, ensuring easy loading of material for the ink ribbon and print.
Experts SAURON believe that Zebra GT800 is a great model label printer, which not only shows good results on the tests, but works fine in the production environment.