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The lathe, screw-cutting N

Offer type: salePublished: 17.10.2014
Seller:Zajtsev Yurij Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Tverskaya Oblast'
Lathe N , has a modern technical characteristics for handling parts with progressive cutting, as well as sufficient rigidity and vibration resistance, vysokomehanizirovannyh, easy to manage.
In a lathe N applied tricycle spindelay site with double row roller bearings, which ensures high accuracy of the machine.
Mechanical supply the upper caliper allows for efficient processing as short cones and long, the dierential adding feeds.
Lunettes provide processing of parts in a wide range of diameters and are additionally equipped with interchangeable rollers and crackers.
The bed slideways are hardened and polished, coupled with the high reliability of other nodes provides long life while maintaining accuracy.
* The largest diameter of the workpiece to be installed and processed, mm
* over bed 1000
* over 650 caliper
* Max. length of workpiece, mm 3000
* The largest diameter of the workpiece mounted in the recess of the frame, mm 1400
* The length of the notches in the frame of the mirror holder 390 mm
* The diameter of the cylindrical hole in the spindle, mm 128
* Flange end of the spindle according to DIN 2-15 M
* The number of degrees of rotation of the spindle 24
* The rotational speed of the spindle, rpm 5-500
* The limits of working feeds, mm/Rev.:
* longitudinal 0,06-2,42
* cross 0,022-0,88
* slide 0,022-0,88
* Within steps thead:
* metric, mm 1-96
* inch threads/inch 24-0,25
* modular, module 0.5 to 24
* Pitkevich, pitch dia. 96-1
* Accelerated movement of the caliper, mm/min:
* 3 longitudinal
* cross and compound slides 1
* The highest weight of the workpiece in the centers, kg 8000
* Main drive power, kW 22
* Overall dimensions, mm
* length 6140
* width 2200
* height 1770
* Weight, kg 12800